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The original and first ever Accomplish Guide. Packed with workouts, a detailed handbook to help along the way and tonnes of yummy recipes! Scroll to see what's included:



5 workouts per week for 12 weeks, which require a set of dumbbells and we recommend a resistance band too. The workouts are split in to ‘upper body’, ‘lower body’ and ‘HIIT + core’. Most workouts will take around 45mins, with the HIIT workouts taking around 20mins. ‘Upper body’ and ‘lower body’ workouts all have an optional sweaty circuit at the end!


52 high protein recipes. Simple and healthy ingredients. Macros provided for most recipes, with a barcode that can be scanned in to MyFitnessPal.
Vegan and vegetarian adaptations are available on most recipes.


23+ pages of concise information, designed to help you guys to reach your goals. Lots of important topics including nutrition, fat loss, progress tracking, mindset and many more. The handbook is designed to refer back to whenever you need a little assistance.

What's included when I buy this guide?

  • 12 week of workouts that can be done in the gym or at home
  • Access to your workout programme via the Aflete app, which allows you to track your workout and view videos of each exercise
  • A high protein recipe book containing 52 recipes (in pdf form)
  • Access to the Accomplish private Facebook group where you can ask questions, post your progress and chat to myself and other members
  • Both pdfs will be available to download from the email and also accessible via the Aflete app
  • 23 page Ebook to provide guidance on topics including:
    • Nutrition
    • Fat loss
    • Tracking progress
    • Mindset
    • Warm up, cool down + recovery
    • Using weights


Still not sure? Take a look at our sample guide.

This guide is perfect for training both at the gym and home. It is a dumbbell-only guide, with some exercises suggesting a resistance band too. The focus is on resistance training and HIIT, perfect if your goals are to build muscle, gain strength, get fitter and fat loss. Accomplish:CUT is great for both beginners and advanced levels. Each week there are two upper body, two lower body and one dedicated hiit + core day, with the upper and lower body days containing optional sweaty finishers at the end of the sessions!
If you are pregnant or injured, I recommend getting the all-clear from a physician before considering this guide.

You will need a set of dumbbells that you can do both upper and lower body workouts with. Some of the exercises also require a resistance band (a shorter, hip-circle type), but this is not compulsory.

The guide contains 5 workouts per week. The upper and lower body session will take around 45mins to complete, and the hiit + core sessions will take around 20mins.

Whilst Accomplish:CUT is designed to help cut body fat, I’m also a firm believer in loving the skin you are in. Accomplish will make you feel fit, confident and the best version of YOU.